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Home Remodeling Contractor in Bridgeport

Contractor Nation is a local general contractor in Bridgeport offering home improvement and remodeling services. We service not only Bridgeport, but also the rest of Fairfield county as a home remodeling contractor.
Contractor Nation has been remodeling and finishing in Fairfield county, Connecticut for more than 30 years. For a free consultation, call or contact us online.

Home Design & Home Build Services in Bridgeport —  you will know what your Bridgeport project will cost and what it will look like before committing significant resources to it.
Home Repairs — we will assist you with your large or small repair jobs on your Bridgeport business or home.

Painting — large or small, interior and exterior paint jobs. From color selection to choosing the most environmentally friendly coatings, we can help.  Our designer/color consultant is also available in Bridgeport.

Roofing Installation — all types of structures, all types of roofs. Whether you need advice on style and color, we can help you get your Bridgeport home roofed. If you have any structural issues, we can correct them on the spot — no waiting.

Siding Installation — all types, all styles from vinyl to stucco. Common siding types in Bridgeport are vinyl, wood, various composites and various types of stucco.  Each of these has distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Each requires specific preparation of the area between the siding and your house's exterior sheathing.

Windows & Doors Installation in Bridgeport
•    Wood (traditional)
•    Metal
•    Vinyl
•    Composite

Kitchen Remodeling — minor to major remodeling, we can help you design and remodel your Bridgeport kitchen within your budget. We're a licensed and insured Bridgeport, CT kitchen remodeler.

Bathroom Remodeling in Bridgeport — minor to major remodeling. The tub is usually the pivotal factor in determining how extensive a bathroom remodel will be.  We perform many "light remodels" where sinks, vanities and toilets are replaced, maybe lighting mirrors and accessories, too. Sometimes, though, it is difficult for the client and contractor to know where to stop.

Garages In Bridgeport — basic or custom, attached or detached. From simple to complex, from vinyl clad to wood and stone, two level structures, we can help you.  Before you spend money on design, we'll give you some rough sketches and prices so you'll know what your Bridgeport garage will look like and how much it will cost before you spend money on design fees and begin construction. 

Bridgeport Wine Cellars — custom or prefabricated. There are many fine prefabricated cellars and prefabricated cellar racking and storage systems.  We can build you a wine cellar that is all prefabricated, partially prefabricated or totally custom.

Saunas in Bridgeport — custom or prefabricated. We'll help you evaluate whether a prefabricated or a custom design is best for your needs and budget.  We'll also make sure your sauna is safe and is fully inspected before you use it, to protect you and your family.

Plumbers in Bridgeport — minor repairs to major systems replacements, we have the product knowledge and the personnel to do the job right. Your plumbing system is one of many specialized systems in your house.  Our plumbers are experts at their work.

Electrical — small jobs or major overhauls, don't take chances with shoddy work. Whether you need a couple of additional outlets installed or something more, we will make sure the work is done properly and safely.  Our Bridgeport electricians know the current electrical codes and they keep up with any changes.

HVAC in Bridgeport — Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning — HVAC work, from minor repairs to major systems installations usually requires coordination of multiple trades as well as proper planning. 

Bridgeport Landscaping — repairs to complete estate design.  Why is site drainage important to your new stone wall? There has been a lot of work done in Bridgeport County and nearby areas that does not even remotely comply with current industry best practices.  Without proper soil preparation, drainage systems and surface water control, no type of landscaping work will survive for long.

Decking — all sizes and types of materials, we can help you choose.  After designing and building over 100 decks in and around Bridgeport, we know our decks.

Insulation — There are actually many types, we will help you decide what's right for you.  Do you know the best area of your home to insulate? Typically these areas can be thought of as attics or roofs, walls and floors.  We will evaluate how the various areas of your house compare with the current Bridgeport building code and what the costs would be to upgrade any areas that are below code.

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